Thursday, August 31, 2006

Land of Gandhi

I am disturbed over an incident and sharing with you all…

The other day, I was walking on the road and saw a policeman on bike coming on the wrong side of the road. He hit a young man walking ahead of me and didn’t even stop, even for a sec! I saw his face passing me by – no concern whatsoever that he has hit somebody!

That boy (who got hit) approached the traffic cop standing nearby, complaining him what has happened just now in front of him. And again, there was no concern. He remained quite (and was smiling in fact!). I couldn’t tolerate/accept this and joined the boy and complained to traffic cop as to why he at the first place, did not stop the police driving on the wrong side and then stop after hitting the boy.

A woman raising her voice, challenging his ego – Oh, he couldn’t tolerate and instead of getting after the police, he got after me ! (Who are you? How can you behave this way with me? Show me your identity, etc). People around came to my rescue saying why are you after her, go and note down the bike number and all.

The boy thanked me for joining him but I was sad. I mean, something wrong happened right in front of our eyes and we couldn’t do anything just because they were police and could trouble us later.

This is the land of Gandhi !

Is this the land of Gandhi ???

Monday, August 21, 2006

Pain - A Great Teacher...

Yes Friends, Pain is a great teacher and I am saying this from my own experience.

There's always something to learn in any difficult situation. We need to see/find that lesson and learn it. Yes LEARN IT, learn from it, else we are again and again put in such situations (or my be more tough ones), till we learn the lesson (which was the whole purpose of being in that situation) and grow and move on...

Move on.. to Greatness, to Humbleness, to Kindness, to Compassion, to see and understand the meaning/purpose of having this life.

Yes, it's a great journey and the earlier the lessons learnt, the pleasant the journey becomes.

The good out of my painful experience was that I turned out to be a Poet !
and today, I am past that pain but still feel satisfied with the creativity which is still continuing...

Before that, I could never imagine that I could be a poet !
Now it's a fulfilling process. Thanks to that pain!

and here's a sample...

Times were good, Times were bad...
Time is now to look ahead...

Forget what's gone, Forgive what's done
Remember the God, he's the one..

To listen, to care, to wipe your tears...
To hold and support, when no one's there...

: )

Friday, August 18, 2006

TIME is slipping...

This morning over the cup of tea, looking at another beautiful sunrise, thought came about “TIME and its value”. I know, nothing new there, we all know that time is precious and blah blah blah….

And that’s the point ! Why it becomes blah blah for most of us? That means we just read and understand but do not implement things always, what we learn !

We know time is valuable but still keep cribbing over lack of time as if someday somebody would grant me some more hours in the day !!! (Thank God there's no penalty for dreaming wild...!)

So wake up before its too late, wake up before things become irreversable, wake up before you are left to regret rest of your life !!!

Ask me! I have learnt it hard way!

Good attracts Good...

We know – ‘Good attracts good and Bad attracts bad’. And I saw it the other night.

We were at Chandigarh. After dinner, went out for a walk. Saw the night life of Chandigarh.

A long que outside ‘Sagar Ratna’ can be seen in every city. (The good food attracts good number of customers!)

Café Coffee Day was jam packed at 11 pm. No place to sit, so spent some time at the Book shop. Was glancing thru some good books when a young man walked upto me and started talking, recommending me some good books, seeing the ones I had in hand. (I said na – Good attracts good!) We got talking further, came to know he is serving at army. I suggested him to read “Discover your Destiny with the monk who sold his ferrari’ by Robin Sharma and he suggested me to read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. He further guided me planning my next day’s trip around the city (Timber Trails and Kasauli).

Reading has benefits, I knew. It makes good friends – I experienced!

So…. Be Good
Do Good
Surround yourself with good company – be it books or people or anything.
And Good will happen to you.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Akele Hi Chalna Hoga...

Pondering over the events gone by in life, I learnt that ultimately it's you alone who has to walk your path of life. It's your life, it's your journey and it's you who has to travel constantly and reach the destination finally. People would come and go, good and bad times would come and go and you will have to learn to leave expectations behind and keep continuing your journey. There's no stop or wait time there.

and the same thoughts turned out this way in form of a poem:

Is raah par, is safar me
Ummeedon ke is bhawanr se
Ab to nikalna hoga
Akele hi chalna hoga

Rishte naate dost sab chhoot jaate hain
Itni bheed me bhi akele ho jaate hain
Andhere hon ya ujaale
Apni is dagar par
Akele hi chalna hoga

Saathi aayenge, saathi jaayenge
Kuchh door sath chal, alag ho jaayenge
Dhoop ho ya chhanv
Apne is jeevan path par
Akele hi chalna hoga

Dukh me akele, Sukh me akele
Hansi me, khushi me, aansoon me akele
Rukna nahi, ab chalna hi hoga
Koi ho ya na ho
Akele hi mujhko chalna hoga

July 15, 2003 10:10 pm

Monday, August 14, 2006

My First Blog

Hi There....

This is my first blog - an experiment and an experience. Looks interesting.

My friend has been pushing me to blog. May be he feels I have things to share, and a need to connect, and this is a wonderful platform, so here I am.

and yes, we all have a part of ourselves hidden from the world, which we keep to ourselves and at times want to share but not with the ones who know you. Because then the typical question comes "What will people say !"

So here we are... as strangers who want to get friendly, as 'loners' who want to be part of the world.

Thank you 'My Friend' for bringing me to this world of bloggers.

Looking forward to this whole experience...