Monday, October 23, 2006

That Small Yellow Envelop....

This is a sequel to my earlier one titled "You have mail".
I miss that envelop now and hence comes this one...

"The Small Yellow Envelop"

I take another glance at that corner of the screen

No small yellow envelop - I eagerly wait for - is seen

where have all the people gone from my life

I try to be patient but no respite...

Know, they are busy with their lives..
Know, not everyone would remain forever in my life

but I still eagerly wait
for that small yellow envelop
and I still smile, whenever it comes
hoping it to be from a dear one

whether it is,

or it is not
I wont let the Hope die,

as thats what I have got

This Hope lets me go on...

and dream for better days
Friends make Life meaningful
in so many ways...