Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Long time, No See !

yes, my blog is saying this to me : )
I am not the orkut/facebook/twitter/blog type person but still a friend (reading my long emails) told me to blog and i followed his instruction. Couldn;t understand though that who you are writing for ? Do I know the audience ? Am i talking to sky ? and if i am, then my diary serves the purpose.
First you write and then what? you wait for comments?
If it is a discussion forum, it is stil understandable but my thoughts - who cares ?
anyway, thankfully, i am not like my friend. He almost thought he IS his blog so if i didn;t comment, it wud not make him feel nice. So then i shud comment to keep the friendship going ?
today i also thought to talk to the sky : )
Dont have network of friends. Not even write this with my name/identity and didn;t want it so that people dont HAVE TO drop by.
Accidental drop bys will be real connections, what say ?