Friday, September 08, 2006

You have mail...

Emails came in my life in 1998. And life changed for better since then.
They brought so much excitement and joy and knowledge and fun in life.

Emails helped making friends with people across the world – people you haven’t seen and may be will never see!
Still they brought friends so close with quick communication that every “You have mail” brought a smile on face and brightness in eyes (at least to start with).
And I started liking that “Yellow Envelop” at the bottom corner of the screen so much so that it inspired me to write these lines :-

That small yellow envelop on my screen
Pops and says “you have mail”
It brings some excitement and some hope
And I smile… without fail.

Those very few moments
of excitement are great
And I wonder….
What would be in my fate!

Hoping it to be – a mail from a friend
I switch to the window, still with a smile
When it’s not, the smile goes
And I feel sad, for a while...

Another envelop… another hope…
Another smile…. And it goes : (

And when I see it finally
Coming from you
The smile broadens
And stays.

I like that yellow envelop appearing on my screen
I like the message “You have mail”
The days pass by… and the life goes on…
Whether a mail, or no mail !

Wed, 29th Oct 2003


Blogger Leziblogger said...

Who would've thought someone could write a poem on a small windows Icon? :-)

Saturday, 28 July, 2007  

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