Monday, September 11, 2006

What scares me most.... !

Death ? No... : ) (my profile intro tells that)

Lizards? Oh yes, I am scared of lizards since childhood!

Performing in public? Well.... like many others, used to be but thankfully not any more.

But what scares me most now is – “Loosing the purpose to live !”

Lately this emptiness in life led me to this question – “Why I am here?” After all, What is the purpose of having been given this human life which we say is the most superior kind? These questions are not the easy ones to find an answer quickly. They take the whole life time to realise -who I am? I am still wandering to find those answers for myself.

But meantime, the thought came out like this:-

So often I loose the purpose to live
What is Life? What I am to Give? (learnt that life is giving and not taking)

The day begins and the day ends
And Life goes on, without much plans..

Why I am here? What am I supposed to do?
Have I understood the meaning of Life?

It’s so easy to take things for granted,
Wasting time in things unwanted.

How precious life is, we realise it late
And then we blame everything to our fate!

Is that fate? Or is that the choices we made earlier in life
Which decide – whether we live or strife?

How's that ? : )


Blogger Gurdeepak said...

c'mon brave lady! Tomorrow brings uncertainity and surprises...

Monday, 18 September, 2006  

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