Friday, September 01, 2006

Attitude of Gratitude

It’s so easy to get lost in worries and tensions that we ignore little things which are very much part of life but we just take them for granted.
And reading spiritual books, I learnt what I call is “the Attitude of Gratitude”.
And it’s really so true that if we focus on all those little things around us, it would help us come out of worries and tensions and we have more peace within.

And one such day, I started to ponder and realised how blessed I was !
Here it is in a poetic form…


When the Sun shines brightly in my balcony
and breezing air bring freshness in the house
I know God that I am Blessed!

When Butterfly comes and sits on flowers
and Peacock comes and shows its beauty
I know God that I am Blessed!

When Greenery around is so soothing
And the peace around bring closer to you
I know God that I am Blessed.

When I listen to music and dance in joy
and I smile and see that you smile back
I know God that I am Blessed.

When you wake me up with temple’s bells
And you listen to my thoughts with prompt replies
I know God that I am Blessed!


Blogger Leziblogger said...

Aha! My most fav post on this blog so far! Reminded me of the school prayer 'Count your blessings...'!

Saturday, 28 July, 2007  

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